In-state housing contracts due too soon

By Jessica Buchanan, Editor-in-Chief

Many in-state public schools including UF and UCF require a housing contract and deposit weeks before students know if they are able to commit to the school.

While these schools do not require freshman to live on campus, about 70 percent of incoming freshman live on UCF campus according to Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

There are still many regular decisions who have yet to come out including Ivy leagues which come out on April 1 and highly ranked out-of-state schools. Many of the students who are waiting for these decisions still have the very real possibility of attending an in-state school.

At UCF if you submit the housing contract now you must also submit a $100 prepayment and at UF you must pay $225 and submit the housing contract by March 19.

If you need to cancel these housing contracts after May you can pay a minimum of $100 to cancel on top of the fee you already paid.

The deadlines of the housing contracts are unfair to students. I understand that there are students who are 100 percent committed to an in-state school in Mid-March, but why are students who have not quite decided penalized?

Many prospective students to in-state schools have gone ahead and paid the housing contract fee. If they decide to attend they will at least have the chance to live on-campus.

“I figured I might as well do the contract,” senior Megan Tirrell said. “If I lose the $225 that is that, but if I decide to go to UF I will be glad that I did it.”

State-schools should extend their deadlines to be April 1st. This way students won’t be wasting money or taking up spots for housing if they choose not to go which benefits all parties.


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