Freshmen struggle in AP Human Geo

By Sophia Rapp, Staff Intern

Freshman students who got all A’s in middle school are currently struggling to pass AP Human Geography.

Most students and staff agree that this college level class is not suitable for every ninth grader. Students and staff do not recommend taking this class if a student is  not ready to put in the time and effort.

“Know your strengths,” ninth grade school counselor Lori Carlson said. “If you’re not ready to commit to the amount of time and the workload of a college level class, then AP Human Geography is not the class for you.”

However, most students will take at least one AP class before they graduate”. Freshman Keila Putinaite said AP Human Geography is a good introduction.

Competitive colleges are looking for students who are willing to challenge themselves, so students who are aiming to get into those colleges are definitely taking AP classes.

“AP Human Geography prepares you for more difficult AP classes, and passing the AP exam gives you free college credit while letting colleges know you are a serious contender for admission,” AP Human Geography teacher Vaughn Henderson said.

Although this class is difficult, students have many ways to get help to pass it. Many teachers offer after-school tutoring, review sessions after school and more.

“If students read the book, complete, form a study group, and pay attention in class then they will be fine,” Henderson said.

.Even with the studying techniques and tips, some students continue to struggle, including those who had straight A’s in middle school.

“At Crystal Lake Middle School I had all A’s,” freshman Yolisabel Perez said. “I had a C almost all first quarter (in AP Human) until like two weeks before the quarter ended, when I got it up to a B.”

Carlson and the AP Human teachers agree that if the stress and rigor of the class is too much to handle in a student’s first year of high school, then Global Studies is a good alternative.

“I figured the transition to ninth grade would be difficult as it is, so I thought, why add to the stress when I can just take Global Studies instead of AP Human?” Aleya Milano said.

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