Girls lacrosse season debuts with double-header

By Javier Garcia, Asst. Section Editor

On Feb. 9 the girls lacrosse team played two consecutive games at Fort Lauderdale High School. Their 28-person roster played South Plantation and Fort Lauderdale. There the girls, both experienced and new, got a feel for what this season holds for them as they will be playing both teams again in the regular season.

“It’s like I tell everyone, the first game is an eye opener and you can’t really say you experienced lacrosse until your fist game,” head coach Oscar Cifuentes said.

They played in four different heats which consisted of half-regulation game durations and ended the day 2-2, beating Fort Lauderdale both times and losing to South Plantation twice. They finished against Fort Lauderdale 2-0 the first time, and 1-0 the second time. Then lost to South Plantation 5-0, and 3-1.

With four goals scored in total by the end of the day the girls had no shame, considering they were still missing some starters on the field.

“We were missing four starters in total, but we really missed on of our best players, Erin (Wheaton),” said Coach Cifuentes.

Regardless, the team still showed out with Senior Claire Ries scoring three of the goals and Senior Britt Magee scoring the other.

The girls will be playing their first regular season game Feb. 20 at West Broward High School.

Posted: Feb. 11

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