Letter to the Editor: Wall won’t work

While I do find it brave for someone to post such false statements, were you expecting Mexico to pay for a wall that most Americans don’t want…? The claim that “if you’re against the wall, then you are pro-illegal immigration” ignores the fact that this is not a black and white issue. You have failed to address the gray area that most reasonable Americans acknowledge.

A wall will not stop MOST of the illegal aliens in this country. Visa overstays outnumber illegal border crossings. According to an article posted by The United States Office of Homeland Security: In 2017, more than 600,000 illegal immigrants overstayed their visits. While again in 2017, there was approximately 300,000 border apprehensions.

On what basis of facts are you utilizing to claim that all illegal immigrants cause more harm than good to our nation and that everyone is a leech? In fact the Brookings Institute says “With some exceptions, non-citizens entering the United States after August 22, 1996, the date of enactment of the welfare reform legislation, are not eligible for most welfare benefits, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), SSI, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), until they have been in the U.S. for at least five years.”

Please comprehend the fact that we are the largest melting pot in the world. Who are going to be the ones to do the jobs that no one wants to do? Take note that Annabel Romero (a hired lawyer) defends Victorina Morales (an undocumented woman from Guatemala) and Sandra Diaz (a native of Costa Rica) who claim that they both worked illegally at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster as housekeepers. They also claim that additional undocumented workers were employed by Trump’s golf club as well.

This may be surprising, but the shutdown is a hardship for everyone. Especially those who are furloughed employees who work multiple jobs just to support their families. Some have resorted to the extreme measures of returning Christmas gifts just to pay their bills. The President’s purpose for the shutdown is absurd and ignorant. Whole-heartedly, his purpose stems from serving his supporters. So compassionate! And of course, himself.

Please give us the facts of the 89 percent related to the El Paso fence statistics that were included. Was this out of 10 people…? We are all on the edge of our seats now. How is putting people out of work good for the country? Not collecting payroll taxes? No services being provided? Parks being closed? The FDA being unable to check for E.coli strains is claimed to be such a blessing right? As far as meeting campaign promises, I don’t remember Trump broadcasting a government shutdown, followed by his supporters’ standing ovation?

Oh, by the way, one of his campaign promises was that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. You practically claim and stereotype illegal immigrants as being gang members, killers, rapists and deviant members of society, which is a bigoted statement. Ninety percent of illegal drugs are brought in through legal means as contraband through ports. The homicide conviction rate of American citizens is 3.1 percent and undocumented immigrant’s homicide conviction rate stands as being 2.6 percent per 100,000 (based on the Cato institute’s data collection of 2017).

Bernstein Research issued a comprehensive report on the estimated cost of Trump’s promised wall, deciding it would cost $15 billion to $25 billion. Also, most of the land where the wall is said to be built on is privately owned. Most land owners have stated that they will fight ANY and ALL eminent domain claims by the government. And in most cases, it takes years for the courts to settle these cases.

So where is the wall plan and the budget? Trump has no idea what he wants. We have a better way of spending that alleged $5 billion. We could house every homeless person in the United States for the year. We could provide Medicaid for 1.4 million uninsured people. We could provide double the amount of funding for substance abuse and mental health care for our nation. Or even increase federal aid to public K-12 schools by 30 percent. I have no agenda of altering your views or any Republican’s for that matter. If this is what it takes to shed light on corrupt claims, then so be it.

Lorraine Angelakos

Posted: Jan. 15

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