Genius Hour educated 2nd graders

By Javier Garcia, Asst. Editor

A program initiated by sophomore Nick Beharry allows students to use their Fridays off to go to Atlantic West Elementary and spend 60 minutes with second grade students in a program called Genius Hour.

During this hour Beharry and sophomore Eduardo Andrade will take small groups of students and spend the hour giving them many skills to use in their future school careers.

“The teachers and school are completely on board with the idea,” Beharry said. “The teachers are the ones who choose the four students we took into this program.”

When the hour strikes the student will take their group and teach them in some way correlated to a specific theme.

“So far we have been focusing on giving them research techniques and guidelines to help them get the best information from reliable sources,” Beharry said.

Their method to make sure the students are interested at all times in the interactive program.

“When we started off the program and had our first day, we asked them questions on what they wanted to learn about using some research techniques we would show them,” Beharry said.

Some shocking questions come out that made Beharry think twice about what these second graders were thinking about.

“We got questions like, ‘Can bullets go through walls?’ or ‘will shootings like Stoneman Douglas happen again?’” Beharry said. “It was very shocking to me.”

The students concern about safety was paralleled by the emphasis on security on their campus..

“The security of the school was very striking to me,” Beharry said. “We had to get a security guard to come open the gate for us. Then he locked it behind us. There were no entrances around the whole school besides that gate which was monitored at all times.”

A therapy dog called Coco roams the halls.

“Coco will be all over the school,” Beharry said. “She’ll even go into the classes on a normal basis and just be there for the students. It really does show how the world is changing in front of all these kids.”

Posted: Jan. 15

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