Satire: Death of the best social media platform

By Matthew Shanbom, Asst. Section Editor

Google Plus, a revolutionary social media platform, announced that they will be shutting down in Aug. 2019 after seven years of being online.

Google Plus introduced a feature called “circles” which were more in depth than any other social media platform out there. “Circles” allowed people to add their family, friends, and school friends to different circles  and post just within that circle.. It also featured the ability to share the same post with more than one circle. This feature is ahead of Facebook groups which only post in one group or to everyone. This feature was too far ahead of its time to be enjoyed.

Google Plus also introduced the concept of Google Hangouts which offered free multi person calling. This prompted Skype to make their service free. Hangouts was later removed from Google Plus due to being fully developed and ready as a standalone product. The way that Google Plus was able to combine a full social media platform with video calling made it the best one stop shop for people who only have access to wifi. Google hangouts could not grab the audience to join Google Plus only for Hangouts which prompted the two to separate leaving Plus with only the social media aspect.

Unfortunately, Google Plus could not compete with the already established giants of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The features that made Google Plus great were mostly made into separate stand alone products such as Google hangouts and Google Photos.This left the platform as just a text and image sharing platform. All of these features combined created a social media platform that did not catch on. Google Plus was prompted to shut down due to reports of a data breach that exposed email addresses. Google has not announced any replacement for Google Plus.

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