Freshmen step up to leadership positions

Yolisabel Perez, Aashi Chhabra, Sydney Rodriguez and Fernanda Andino celebrate their wins in the freshman class elections at the pep rally in the gym on Sept. 27. Perez won president, Chhabra won vice president, Rodriguez won secretary, and Andino won treasurer. Photo by Matthew Shanbom

By Matthew Shanbom, Section Editor

SGA announced the winners of the freshman elections that had been ongoing for several weeks during the pep rally on Sept. 27.

The winners are Yolisabel Perez for president, Aashi Chhabra for vice president, Sydney Rodriguez for secretary and Fernanda Andino for treasurer.

A few freshman officers shared their goals for the year

“I want to make the freshman class more connected,” Perez said. “(I look forward to) organizing an all Class of 2022 event.”

Rodriguez also shared a goal for the year.

“I want to make the freshman class more spirited,” Rodriguez said.

Posted: Oct. 18


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