PBHS rolls out the red carpet for “student celebrities” on Well Known Wednesday

By: Kimberly Scanlan, Staff Writer

Sophomores Jace Alexander and Keiarah Williams show off their costumes as Kanye West and Lil Pump in the music video for the song “I Love It”. Alexander and Williams became known throughout the week for their larger than life outfits for spirit weeks.
Seniors Giovany Suarez and Juliet Campbell participate in “Well Known Wednesday”. Campbell dressed as Nikki Minaj and Suarez as Takashi 69, the singers of hit song “FEFE”.
Senior Mikaela Whitmer and Junior Lilly Jones dress as members of the A&E TV show “Duck Dynasty”. “We knew nobody else would do it and it would stand out,” Whitmer said.

Posted: Sept. 26

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