Teen Summit to help students


By Julia Latchana, Asst. Section Editor

Pompano was home to the Teen Summit which tries to help the students overcome some of their social problems.

The Teen Summit, also known as the Peer Counseling Summit, is meant to bring awareness to normal teen issues.

“It is important because it helps the peer counselors learn skills that can be use to help the students,” said Mrs. Lafaris Dooling, Peer Counseling teacher.

The Summit began with a meditation presentation before splitting up into breakout sessions which went over programs that the schools should implement.

Senior Paris King was one of the students that participated in the summit on Friday. “We brainstormed different ice breakers and events to plan so that no one at school feels alone,” said Paris.

One of the programs was the Sandy Hook Promise, which tries to remove students from isolation and get them to participate through “just say hello.” Another program is the Courageous Conversation, which is meant to get students to start talking about issues that normally aren’t talked about, like suicide and mental illness.

The summit also urged schools to implement the HOPE program, which is already a club at our school that is meant to help students overcome problems and helps with suicide prevention. The summit also wants schools to implement Blueapple Poetry, a network founded by the Jason Taylor Foundation that shows students how to express themselves through poetry.

“It’s important because it teaches people how to cope with things and it goes over a lot of issues teens go through today,” said Paris.

The Teen Summit was held on Friday Sep. 14 in the Auditorium for peer counselors from high schools and middle schools all over Broward County.

Posted: Sept. 20

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