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The freshmen invasion is real: Class of 2022 too immense to ignore

A total of 92 freshmen were interviewed. Schools in the ‘other’ category include Imagine Charter, Rickards, etc. Infographic by Emily Powell

By Emily Powell and Madison Tappa, Web and Business Editor and Asst. Editor

The school year for Pompano Beach High School began on Wednesday, Aug. 15. As many of the returning students walked up to the building, they had noticed an extreme increase in the amount of students. Luckily, the school had distributed lanyards to the incoming freshmen to make it easier for the rest of the high school body to identify just exactly how many there are, and that helped simply illustrate that the freshmen class is just too huge.

Even Mr. Marchand, a teacher that doesn’t even have to handle the freshmen, is already annoyed at how gigantic their class is.

“Freshmen go home,” Mr. Marchand said on the freshmen invading the campus. “Don’t come back.”

If only the administrators had known that the freshmen invasion they had put together before school would turn into an actual freshmen invasion. They are everywhere to a point where the rest of the high school body is tired of them already.

“They’re annoying,” sophomore Jacob Giraldo said.

Other students do not have as many problems with the amount of freshmen who invaded the campus. When asked her thoughts on the size of the freshman class, junior Weronika Silva responded with an utterly brave remark.    

“Half of you guys are going to get kicked out anyways,” Silva said.

Some students have complaints on the actual size of the freshmen themselves.

“Why are their backpacks bigger than them?” sophomore Fabiana Ungaro said.

Others had comments on how the freshmen haven’t even grown an inch since middle school.

“Why didn’t you grow from middle school?” sophomore Niamh Mulroy said.

There were also some students who believed that the freshmen were still in elementary school.

“How did you skip five grades so fast?” sophomore James Hurst said.

Despite all of the mean comments from students and teachers, literacy coach and freshmen class advisor Ms. Wayland-Cook welcomed the freshmen and answered all of our questions as to where they were coming from.

“Freshmen are breaking down the doors to get here because they heard that Pompano Beach High School has a caring, supportive, and challenging environment,” Wayland-Cook said.

Posted: Sep. 13

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