School photos taken in a snap

By Matthew Shanbom, Asst. Section Editor

School photos took place in the auditorium for the first time this past Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 29 and 30.

“[In the past] Fox-Mar had to break down their equipment and set up again after the first day because of sports,” current yearbook advisor Dr. Andrew Shipe said.

Fox-Mar employees also added that the gym is very open and harder to keep the students in one place. However, by using the auditorium instead of the gym, there is less space available to take photos.

“It will be a little tight,” Shipe said.

This year, the school distributed lanyards free of charge in addition to hole punching the ID cards. The school began enforcing the wearing of IDs on Sept. 4.

Photo retake day will be on Oct. 2.

Posted: Sept. 6

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