Mega Bowl leaves boys mega-bummed

By Emily Powell, Web and Business Editor

The first game of the 2019 football season occurred Aug. 24 against Monarch and, just like last year, Monarch won by a landslide: 44-0. During the game, players snapped at each other on the bench, but they and the coaches have come up with strategies to improve their teamwork as well as how they played.

“We as a team could’ve done better,” senior offensive/defensive lineman Corey Little said. “We should use this game as a way to see our mistakes and to show in what areas we have to improve.”

Players brainstormed ways to improve the way they play as a team.

“Going into our next game, we must communicate our assignments better and truly know our playbook in order to play to the best of our ability,” Little said.

Junior outside linebacker/running back Brandon Trueba also agrees that the results of this game were not the greatest, but says that no matter who they play and what the results are, their overall strategy remains the same, along with a few simple changes.

“The timidness of last game is the biggest thing we need to leave in the past in order to excel,” Trueba said. “We need to be aggressive and not be scared or timid as some people were that game.”

Head coach Melvin Jones said that he and the new coaching staff didn’t anticipate these results at all.

“The season is still very young, and we have a lot of work to do,” Jones said.

With the next game in mind, 4 p.m., Sept. 7 at Hollywood Hills, Jones and the staff have thought of different strategies to prepare the boys for a win.

“I would like us to settle down and sound Golden Tornadoes football,” Jones said. “We must eliminate the mental errors and execute our assignments in the situations that we are put in.”

As the season progresses, the coaches and team would like to move on from the errors that occurred in the Mega Bowl and are determined that the next game against Hollywood Hills will prove that they used their strategies well, as well as provide hope for a winning season.

“As coaches, we always stress the four pillars of our organization,” Jones said. “If we ‘Stay in the Moment,’ ‘Dare to be Uncommon,’ ‘Live as a FAMILY’ and ‘Hold the Rope,’ our season will be a complete success.”

Posted: Sep. 3

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