Time to make a difference

As we students all anticipate the end of the school year, and some of us prepare for our next endeavors at college or in the military, we reflect upon our high school experience overall. What is different about us, about this year, is what we have gone through together as a school and community. While many of us don’t realize it, everything that has happened this year will change us forever as individuals, as a community, as a generation.

As individuals, a community and a generation we have endured racial conflict, political injustice, the Stoneman Douglas shooting and much more, yet we remain stronger than ever.

Many of us have realized our values through these traumas we have faced. Too many of us lost friends this year, whether it was alumnus Andrew Coffey in October or one of the 17 killed in Parkland on Feb. 14.

As a community, we have leaned on each other and picked each other up in the face of tragedy and walked away stronger, fighting for what we believe in. We have organized rallies, marches and protests, we have made our voices heard and we will not stop until society has corrected injustice.

As a generation, we have to pave the way for the future. We have to begin thinking about those who come after us, our children and the next generation. We have to make sure that, for their sake and for our sake,  we make a difference in this world.

As individuals, a community and a generation, we have endured more than anyone should. One person killed by hazing or a school shooting is too many. These losses will affect us for the rest of our lives, and we need to let them. We need to not be numbed, but feel more from these losses. Let your life be changed by these events, and begin to make a difference.

As we move into the summer and the next school year, no matter what our futures hold, we must take pride in what we have gone through, where we came from,  embrace the changes we faced this year and make those whom we have lost proud.

Posted: May 17

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