One team, one mission: Football prepares for spring game and fall season

By Emily Powell, Asst. Web and Business Editor

With a new coaching staff comes a new mindset for the football team. Its goals include winning the annual spring game, which will be held at 7 p.m. on May 23 at Pine Crest.

“Exercises and practices for the spring game have been done differently this year,” head coach Melvin Jones said. “I’ve definitely let my assistant coaches take more of the lead, and we’re definitely doing a lot more running and a lot of weight training.”

The spring game has always played an essential part in preparing the team for the upcoming fall season, which starts with the kickoff classic game. The players believe that the outcomes for their seasons will be better this year due to the help of their new coaching staff.

“The new coaches will play a huge role in our success this season,” junior captain Corey Little said. “They’ve brought one thing that the football team has lacked for a long time, and that is consistent intensity.”

Little and the other captains help to choose the drills and training needed.

“As the offensive-line and defensive-line captain, I lead through drills helping the younger linemen with their technique and form along the way,” Little said.

Drills in practice include W-drills, agility drills and team scrimmages, all executed by the coaching staff and captains. Players believe that the training and continuous support from the new coaches will push them to do well, especially at the game.

“The training hauls the players to do better,” sophomore Jackson Pace said. “We have intense practices with great coaches leading them.”

Goals are persistently being made by this new team, and they not only want to win more but also work on their teamwork skills and brotherhood as a whole.

“We want to live as a family. We want to hold the rope,” Jones said. “If we stay together and build this bond as brothers, nothing can stop us. We’ll be strong in the end and it will definitely be seen on game night.”

Posted: May 14

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