Ibrahim strives to drive out hate

By Kristina Latchana, Staff Artist

Islam is a religion that everyone in the United States hears about, but not many people take the time to learn about. Tenth grader Alisha Ibrahim hopes to change that.

“I’d like for people to learn that when you see a Muslim, you aren’t seeing a radical, you’re seeing a person, and you aren’t seeing a terrorist, you’re seeing someone who goes home to a family every day just like the rest of us, someone who feels pain like everyone, and someone who has pain just like everyone,” Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim started the Muslim Student Association to educate her peers on the actual teachings of Islam and to stop the spread of harmful, Islamophobic stereotypes that portray the religion as violent. She will continue to work towards this goal next year while balancing AP and dual enrollment classes.

“I wanted to knock all the stereotypes down,” Ibrahim said. “I felt that if I could change the way my fellow classmates see Muslims, I would be doing something good with my time.”

The club is sponsored by Coach Jamesey Stone and meets on Wednesdays in Portable 4.

Posted: May 11

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