Costello, Kniskern pitch into the MLB draft

By Alexandra Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

Senior starting pitchers Chase Costello and Trevor Kniskern are being scouted by Major League Baseball teams and may be drafted in June.

Both Costello and Kniskern have already signed at Division I universities, Louisiana State and Pepperdine respectively, but may turn down those offers to play professionally.

“There’s definitely a lot of considerations I have to take note of,” Kniskern said. “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and I don’t want to shy away from it.”

Kniskern and Costello are not required to play for the MLB if drafted until they sign with a team, but both have received interest from several teams.

“I have talked to the Royals. I’m still waiting on the Padres,” Kniskern said. “If I get drafted by the Padres, I will just say ‘you know what, I don’t really need college and take the 25 bucks’ and go play for the Padres instead.”

Costello is being looked at by several teams, including the New York Mets.

“There’s been a lot (of teams interested),” Costello said. “I’d say at least 15-17 have been to my house. The Mets want me a lot actually.”

The drafting process is long, and both have been juggling playing for the school team, a travel team, school work and meeting with scouts.

“(The draft process) so far has been pretty stressful, I’m not going to lie,” Costello said. “It’s pretty busy though because of my schedule and (scouts) want to come to the house and trying to meet face to face after games and during the week.”

Despite the stress, both have received support from their team, friends and coaches.

“I guess you could say with the help of my team, coaches, staff, family, I’ve held up well,” Kniskern said. “Without them, I’d probably be crying.”

Posted: May 11

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