Same crime, same time: ID enforcement necessary

By Maria Suarez, Asst. Section Editor

Students have always known they must wear their IDs on campus at all times. It’s clearly written in the Student Code of Conduct, but it wasn’t enforced anywhere near as much as it has been recently until this school year.

Now for a regulation to be forced upon students so soon, it takes time for students to get accustomed to it. Still, it is fair to punish students with detention simply because on the one day they accidently forgot it.

Granted, procedures to punish a student without an ID have been shifting.

Junior Madison Philips was caught not wearing her ID and instead of getting punished with a detention, she got a visitor sticker and received a warning.

“I came to school late and when I was getting my late pass, since I didn’t have my ID, they sent me to the front office where I had to sign a paper and they gave me a visitors pass,” Philips said.

Junior Giovany Suarez, who also didn’t have his ID, paid $5 to avoid receiving a detention. Suarez was given the options to pay $5 for a new ID and a visitor’s pass, or call home to have someone drop off his ID; if not, he would receive a Friday detention. Both students were caught with the same crime, but their penalties were different.

Holding students in the front office simply because they didn’t have their ID causes them to be late to class, like senior Luiza De Rezende, who tweeted: “So I missed 30+ minutes of class because I forgot my id today… yes, that makes sense.”

Giving detentions on Fridays also interferes with students who have to go to work on Fridays, like junior Brinya Kydd, who received a detention but didn’t serve it because she had work.

Although the specific consequences still need to be consistent and fair, the overall shift toward strictness should be appreciated.

Campus monitor Jamesey Stone stressed why students should understand the importance of the IDs.

“Wearing your ID helps us identify you,” Stone said. “First of all, we don’t know all the freshmen, juniors and seniors; they help us identify our kids. Kids have to understand that whatever profession you choose in life, they’ll require you to wear an ID badge. So why not get used to wearing them know.”

This year security is focusing on getting all the students into the habit of wearing their badges, because next school year new technology will be introduced that will require students to wear their IDs.

“We have iPads and programs that scan the barcode of a student’s ID and lets us know what class they’re in,” “Stone said.

Micro-tech specialist Ivonne Coronado recognizes that consequences need to be sensitive in order to be effective.

“They’re revising that because we don’t want you guys to be out of class and late, so they’re starting this week a new procedure that is the same as the dress code,” Coronado said.

On April 30, new procedures were in place, according to front office secretary Erika Rodriguez, who assists the security in administering the punishments. Students will sign to acknowledge a first or second warning before being issued a detention for their third infraction.

“With everything that’s happening in schools these days, that’s the best way,” Rodriguez said. “At least with their ID, they can identify students from our school or not because any young person can walk in, but if they didn’t have an ID, we can recognize it.”

As long as the new procedure is applied consistently to all students and stays in place long enough to evaluate its effectiveness, I’m all in favor of it.

Posted: May 7

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