Keeping an EYE on trends: Eyebrow shapes rated

By Madison Steinkamp, Asst. Section Editor

With the fast changing world around us, trends are starting and disappearing with the blink of an eye. Among these trends from the last year are the odd eyebrow shapes and designs emerging. Below are five of the most popular and strange eyebrow trends, tested and rated.

Ranked from least favorite to favorite:

  1. Halo Brows

First Opinion: No, just no. Why would someone do this and how do you even think of this? I mean I see the halo shape and get the basic idea behind it but I just can’t get behind it.

Difficulty: 5 – I hated doing this. I mean to be fair, before this I had never done my eyebrows, but I felt like I was just painting my forehead, and I couldn’t get the main line across my forehead to be straight at all. This was terrible.

Rating: 0.5 – I get the idea of what it is trying to be, but it was way too hard and just plain odd to do for any reason.

  1. Fishtail Brows

First Opinion: Off the bat I don’t completely hate these. I could see someone wearing these out for a cool event, I mean I never would, but I can see the possibilities with these brows.

Difficulty: 4 – This wasn’t as hard as the halo brows and drawing across my forehead, but it was pretty hard to get the top of the brow to match the shape of the bottom. I figured out the easy hack for this one was to use hair gel or washable glue to shape the bottom, and draw the identical shape on top.

Rating: 2.5 – This definitely wasn’t as hard as the halo brow and it’s definitely more everyday wearable. The first brow took a while to set it out right, but once you figure out how to shape with the hair gel or glue and then draw the top, it’s much easier. This brow could work for the right event or outfit.

  1. Wavy Brows

First Opinion: It’s so weird that some people want a perfectly shaped, straight, angled brow, and others want a wavy brow, but I’m not going to question that.

Difficulty: 2 – This was one of the ones I was most excited for because of how easy it looked, and it turned out to be pretty easy. The hardest part was just trying to match where the humps were on one brow to where they were on the second brow.

Rating: 3.75 – This brow could be cute. It’s just like the fishtail brow in that its wearability depends on the outfit and event. The wavy brow was one of the easiest by far. The only downside of the easiness was having to put glue on my eyebrow, which freaked me out. I would do this again for a joke picture but not actual life.

  1. Coachella Brows

First Opinion: I already love these, If I could afford Coachella, I would rock these brows every day. And they are so simple and cute.

Difficulty: 0.5 – Easiest brows ever. Just grab a pack of body jewels or stick on jewels and gems, and you’re good to go. The one thing about the jewels is the stickiness was sometimes lacking, but a drop of glue fixes it right up.

Rating: 5 – I would do these brows everyday. They were so simple to do and boho-chic. To be honest these brows alone looked better than my whole outfit the day I did them. Coachella can be everyday with these brows.

  1.  Glitter Brows

First Opinion: I thought I loved Coachella brows above all else but glitter brows have my heart for life. I was super excited to do these because glitter is my favorite thing in the world.

Difficulty: 3.5 – The only thing I dislike about these brows is having to use glue to set the glitter. I don’t know if it’s just me but I am not a fan of putting glue on my eyebrows. I was a tad freaked out that the glue would dry and rip off my eyebrow hair when I took it off, but it didn’t.

Rating: 5 – I love these. The glitter looks amazing. Besides the whole scared-of-glue fiasco, this was one of the easiest eyebrows, and if the shape of the brow got messes up, a Q-tip fixed it perfectly. I would do this everyday. I will do these everyday. Please bury me with these brows.

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