Trump’s right: US must stand up for those who can’t

By Jamie Black, Web/Business Editor

Politics isn’t simple, especially when mixed with emotions, but saving the lives of innocent civilians is very simple. With this in mind, there should be no debate over helping the civilians of Syria.

For the past seven years, the civilians of Syria have become victims of Bashar Al-Assad’s tyrannical and oppressive presidency (his presidency lacking true validity considering the consequences the citizens would suffer if anyone else was elected). In those seven years, a proclaimed civil war has taken the lives of many people in Syria, most being civilians that Al-Assad killed in order to try and stop the rebellion taking over “his” country.

Four hundred thousand. That’s how many people have fallen victim to the Syrian Civil War. Considering the value of human life, why should the United States sit on the sidelines as innocent people die? We cannot remain neutral in times of crisis, so I support the bombings of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons facilities.

The U. S. led airstrikes caused no mass casualties and were joined by allies France and Britain.

Facts aside, if someone asked if you could stop a genocide would you really say no? Would you have said no to preventing or lessening the Holocaust? Looking at the events of the past, it is so easy to say “yes, let’s stop these terrible events,” but why can’t we make it easier to support this in the present?

We can’t be passive and allow for history to take its course. We have the ability to change history. This is a genocide of the Syrian people simply because they don’t believe in what the government believes in, and we can’t allow genocide to happen.

People’s lives are in danger. Syrians are living in fear of their own government while some Americans question the bombings simply because Trump ordered them, a very selfish reason.

In 2013, President Obama was ready to take the same course of action as Trump and bomb facilities of the Syrian government but ultimately backed out. Yet Obama didn’t receive the same amount of scrutiny as Trump.

When looking at events like this, we need to pause our political biases and look at this event from an unbiased perspective, a perspective that puts what is right first. I don’t like Trump, but I support this action because it’s right to help the innocent people of Syria.

Posted: May 2

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