More ocean, less trash

By Andra Danu, Asst. Section Editor

The Environmental Club held its first beach cleanup of the school year at Pompano Beach Fishing Pier from 9:30 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. on Sat. April 21.

The cleanup was hosted by environmental science and biology teacher Muriel Dupre and physics teacher Ralph Marchand.

“It was a great experience having 11 students participate in cleaning,” said Dupre, the club sponsor. “We collected a lot of trash, but it showed us that maybe there’s a difference being made in how they clean the beaches because the beach was a lot cleaner. Everybody needs to do their own little bit to help out the environment.”

Club members collected 11 clear plastic bags of trash during three hours roaming on the beach.

“The bigger goal of the cleanup was to not only cleanup our community’s beach, but also to bring students together and show them the different types of trash found and teach them the benefits of picking up garbage,” junior Environmental Club President Gracie Lorber said.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, approximately 1.4 billion pounds of trash per year enters the Earth’s oceans. Out of this estimate, plastic makes up most of the total debris, almost 80 percent.

“Participating in the beach cleanup allowed students to realize that not only are we saving large marine animals’ lives but also small ones such as sponges and barnacles; marine life that is also affected by trash but that many people don’t really think about,” Lorber said.

Posted: May 2

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