BSO holds morning meetings on campus

By Julia Latchana, Asst. Section Editor

Broward Sheriff officers have been holding periodic meetings on campuses and not at their precincts, part of the changes to school security as a result of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

These morning meetings, called Roll Call, where officers are given their daily assignments by their sergeants, started April 4.Roll Call does not happen every day or at every school, and all BSO officers attend these meetings, unless they are handling 911 or accident calls.

“It is contingent upon the sergeant and what he wants because that’s who determines what they will do,” school resource deputy Stephanie Smith said.

The meetings were moved to discourage people from committing major acts of violence at schools.

“It’s for the children,” Smith said. “We are hoping that if anyone that has any ideas, or crazy ideas in reference to doing harm to anybody on this campus, they will think that ‘Man, maybe I shouldn’t do that at Pompano Beach High School because just the other day I saw 10 cop cars there.’ So it is more so a deterrent than anything else.”

Posted: May 2

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