Picture this: Bellhorn wins All-Florida with picture of picture

By Alexis Schatten, Section Editor

Competing against 23 other contestants from the state, sophomore Khylin Bellhorn’s photo entries were the only to win an All-Florida, the highest possible award offered, in the quick turn photography challenge at the Florida Scholastic Press Association convention, where students across Florida learn about the different aspects of journalism.

The challenge required students to submit three images that fit the theme of “Emerge, Expand, Evolve,” so Bellhorn focused upon technological advancements.

“(The photo set showed) the development of cameras and photography over time,” Bellhorn said. “It went from Polaroid, which was just pictures, and then to video and then to pictures and video on the DSLR.”

Of the three pictures, Bellhorn says that the Polaroid used to represent the “Emerge” portion of the theme was her favorite because it allowed her to get the most creative. Without any Polaroid film on hand, she had to improvise.

“It was a picture of a Polaroid camera and my friend shaking a ‘Polaroid’… We took a piece of paper and just shook it until you couldn’t tell it wasn’t film,” Bellhorn said.

Bellhorn believes she won because she stuck to the theme very well and her photoset demonstrated it in a fun and unique way.

“I kept the theme centered around journalism rather than something else,” Bellhorn said.

After seeing some of the other submissions, Bellhorn, who has been actively practicing photography for only the past year was very surprised to have won.

“(FSPA) posted all the winners on Twitter and I saw I was nominated for an All-Florida,” Bellhorn said. “I was on FaceTime with my friend and I was like, ‘I won!’ and then we texted the film and tech group chat… I couldn’t believe it.”

Posted: Apr. 30

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