Incoming! Class of 2022 begin registering for new school year

By Emily Powell, Asst. Web and Business Editor

Eighth graders from all over the county have begun registering for the upcoming school year. Registration was held in different locations depending on students’ last names and took place from 5-7 p.m. on April 16 and 18.

Throughout the event, incoming freshmen got to learn about the school’s academic opportunities, choose classes and investigate clubs.

Sophomore Josh Tinoco assisted at the event by selling lanyards and filming the incoming freshmen’s first experience at school.

“Each year, more and more students are leaving our school because of bad grades,” Tinoco said. “I’m expecting to see a lot more enthusiasm for education from these incoming freshmen.”

Eighth grader Jayla Willows from Somerset Pines Academy was one of the many incoming freshmen at the registration. “We were dancing in the living room when she got accepted here,” her mother, Martha Willows, said.

As for Jayla Willows, she was excited because she was now going to “be part of the PBHS community,” and she is “ready to start her future.”

Posted: Apr. 30

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