New ID policy is strict, but disputed

By Alexis Schatten, Section Editor

Students are required to have their IDs visible at all times on campus as of April 2 to ensure safety.

The new policy, announced March 22, states that if a student is seen not wearing their ID after returning from spring break, they’ll be given a two-hour detention and a five-dollar obligation.

This new policy came as surprising and flawed to many students.

“I like the policy, but I don’t think that we should get punished that harshly if we forget to wear (our IDs) simply because people whose job it is to stop people from coming in aren’t doing their jobs correctly,” sophomore Angelina Conforti said.

Sophomore Alexis Torres appreciates the effort to provide a safer school, but believes that the punishments are unreasonable.

“The new policy is a really good idea, but I don’t think we should be fined because we’re still adjusting to it,” Torres said.

While some students think the punishments are excessive, English teacher Sandy Melillo thinks they’re necessary to better enforce the policy.

“You have to come down really hard at first,” Melillo said. “Once a few people have been punished, the word gets out and then there shouldn’t be any problems.

Melillo believes that the enforcement of this policy will make students more aware of who does and does not belong. People who are seen not wearing theirs will stick out among the crowds of students who have theirs on display.

“It’ll make even the students be aware of ‘oh, he doesn’t have an ID, does he go here? Have I seen him before?’” Melillo said.

As well as making the school a safer place, security specialist Jamesey Stone thinks that enforcing this policy will make students more responsible and prepare them for life after school.

“In your workplace, as you get older, you’re going to have to wear an ID to identify yourself,” Stone said. “It’s a responsibility.”

Posted: Apr. 23

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