JROTC holds 12th annual military ball

By Charlotte Hood, Section Editor

JROTC’s annual Military Ball, hosted at The Signature Grand Hotel on March 16, had a variety of amenities for its guests, including a buffet-style dinner, a guest speaker and a DJ.

“It was really beautiful,” junior Allie Tomaini said. “Everything was really nicely put together. Everyone just had a really nice time.”

Students began the night by greeting the receiving line, consisting of various members of the school staff and the Cadet Battalion Commander as well as the guest speaker, Chad Maxey, a graduate of the U. S. Military Academy and former Army infantry officer.

“We line up all of the cadets and their guests and they go through the receiving line,” Lt. Col. Gregory Johnson, JROTC senior instructor, said. “That’s when everyone introduces themselves.”

Upon entering the hall, guests were met with a royal-like introduction, which was appropriate as the crowing of the king and queen of the dance would take place later that night, as they walked along a red carpet under a display of swords.

“The best part of the night is always walking in,” Tomaini said. “They have the sabers up, and … you get your picture taken.”

Among the dancing and feasting, the night also had a more solemn presentation.

“We remembered the 17 that were taken way too early from Stoneman Douglas,” Johnson said. “We had a portion of the video that memorialized them. We also had a portion of it for … Cadet (Andrew) Coffey,” former cadet and school alumnus who died at a Florida State University fraternity house last fall.”

Organizers of the event say that this year’s event was the most successful one so far.

“I think this was the top one that we’ve ever had,” Johnson said. “It ran very smoothly.”

Posted: Apr. 23

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