Pineapple not too awkward for pizza

By Maria Suarez, Asst. Section Editor

The biggest argument used to be whether pizza was created by Italians, but it actually originated in the ancient times in the Middle East. History proves that the Greeks, Egyptians, Armenians, Babylonians and Israelites began by making flatbread in mud ovens and topping the bread with olive oil and spices, now known as focaccia.

It wasn’t until 1522, when tomatoes were brought into Europe from Peru, that the poor –and hungry — people of Naples found themselves placing the thought-to-be-poisonous fruit on top of their yeast dough, the first modern pizza.

After having found the answer to that problem, all other doubts and questions about pizza had been put aside, and the world of pizza had come to a peace.

The peace was interrupted when Gudni Johannesson, the president of Iceland, declared while taking questions from students at a school he was visiting that he would ban putting pineapple on pizzas. And much like a wildfire, a controversy erupted and all pineapple pizza lovers united to defend themselves.

As a pineapple pizza enthusiast myself, pineapple has all the right to go on as a topping. If tomatoes, which are also a fruit, can go on top, what can stop pineapple tidbits from joining the rest of the toppings list?

Pineapple tidbits add a touch of sweetness and savory in every bite. Pineapple as a whole is very healthy and is a source of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. Therefore, piling a couple of pineapple tidbits onto your pizza can make you feel a little less guilty about eating it.

Shockingly enough, according to a Huffington Post infographic, “The Top 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings,” pineapple came in at ninth place, followed by spinach. If we allow mushrooms, which are neither fruit nor vegetable but fungus, to go acceptably on top of pizza, why can’t pineapples have the same liberty?

All it takes is an open mind and a hungry stomach to agree that pineapple isn’t as bad as you may think. Chef Anthony Carron of 800 Degrees Pizzeria, an opponent of pineapple pizza, gave in to the idea after receiving multiple orders of pineapple topping, one of the few ingredients his restaurant didn’t carry.

According to writer Chelsea Ritchel from The Independent, Carron now accepts pineapple only under one condition: no “garbage canned pineapple tidbits,” rather fresh ones that are hand-peeled and -diced, then tossed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt before being roasted in a wood-burning oven until they are caramelized.

Still have a problem? To every problem there’s a solution. Pizzarias allow for pizzas to be split in half with the left and right sides with different toppings.

So for picky eaters out there, next time you’re going to share a pizza with a pineapple pizza enthusiast, you can either pick the pineapple tidbits right off your slice of pizza, or simply order pizza with half pineapple tidbits and the other with your preferred toppings.

That said, I hope we can all agree that dipping pizza in milk, which is an actual thing, is an utter disgrace.

Posted: Apr. 21

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