Spikers struggle

By Jessica Buchanan, Managing Editor

The boys volleyball team’s record dropped to 1-8 with a 3-1 home loss against Deerfield Beach on April 4.

Although the season may be coming to a close with only four games left, the team still “works hard every practice,” according to senior captain Andrew Frasco.

“We’ve worked on passing the ball to the setter, and the setters have been working with the hitters to perfect their spike,” Frasco said.

They players are especially grateful to their coach, Luis Pico..

“He always knows how to tell you how to get better when you’re playing, and he knows exactly what to work on for us to improve,” junior Matthew Narkier said.

As upperclassmen who have been playing on the team for a few years, Narkier and Frasco frequently offer advice to their fellow team members.

“I help improve their game by teaching them new things,” Frasco said.

The team’s final home game was April 9 against Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Posted: Apr. 18

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