Goalie scores against Glades

By Charlotte Hood, Section Editor

The boys lacrosse team beat Coral Glades 8-4 on April 3.. Senior goalie David Hugentugler raced across the field from his post to score one of the goals.

“David blocks a shot and next thing you know, he starts running,” junior Davis Major said. “He gets to about half-field… And he slips. Next thing you know, the ball pops out, but he picks it back up … and starts running again. I look over and the ball’s in the net.”

Because it was scored by the goalie, the goal was incredibly uncommon and difficult, leading to some spectacular reactions from the audience.

“Everyone just started running towards the goalie,” Major said. “Everyone in the stands… Just all stormed the field. I was surprised we didn’t get an excessive celebration-type penalty.”

Hugentugler’s play also evoked excited responses from his coaches and from other players (some of whom were from the other team).

“My coaches were jumping up and down while hugging me,”Hugentugler said. “My teammates charged me and even the players on Glades were congratulating me,” Hugentugler said.

After his jaw-dropping performance against the Jaguars, Hugentugler hopes to continue scoring, aiming for three goals in the game against Taravella on April 11.

Posted: Apr. 18

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