New fire drill procedures leave teachers with burning beliefs

By Emily Powell, Asst. Web and Business Editor

A recent change in fire drill procedures has resulted in a practice fire drill occurring on Mar. 21 during eighth block, requiring students to bring their belongings with them and put their cell phones away. Additionally, with these new procedures came some positive input from a few of the teachers.

Dawn Donnelly, the TV Production teacher, believes that the new fire drill procedures are “practical” and “logical” and hopes that because of these changes, students’ behavior in situations like this will change as well.

“I would like to believe that the students’ behavior will change based on what has occurred (at Douglas),” Donnelly said. “They’re not serious, and everything is a joke to them.”

Gary Clayton, one of the many math teachers, likes the new procedures because it “allows the students and staff to move in a timely fashion.” Clayton also mentioned that the new procedures will result in positive effects.

“Students and staff are aware of the protocol by the administrators when they come over the PA system,” Clayton said.

Richard Nagy, a history teacher, says the new procedures are positive because students are moving at a good pace. He also believes that there is only room for improvement with these new procedures.

“The students are not moving at a snail pace watching videos on their phones,” Nagy said. “I think these procedures will improve more as we rehearse further down the road.”

Posted: Apr. 17

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