Girls lacrosse team on the ‘attack’

By Jordan Brown, Section Editor

Lacrosse is new territory for the school, so eyes are on the teams to see if all the fuss was worth it. The girls’ lacrosse team won two of its first three games, and players are feeling pretty confident.

“I remember when everyone first showed up and we couldn’t even catch a ball, and now we’ve won two out of our three games, and we keep improving every day,” sophomore Isabella Zapata said.

The sport was introduced earlier this year, no experience or equipment needed.

“I wanted to try something new so I tried it and loved it. I’m very glad I went through with it,” sophomore Luanna De Melo said.

Players believe they’ve found their groove after some clashes learning the new sport.

“There are times where there needs to be more teamwork, but most of the time we work pretty good together,” Zapata said.

As for their hopes for the rest of the season, they hope to continue on the streak they’re on now.

“I hope we win as many games as possible and improve our skills by the end of the season so we can have an even better season next year,” De Melo said.

Posted: Apr. 17

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