“Love, Simon” shows real teen struggles

By Alexis Schatten, Section Editor

“Love, Simon” officially hit theaters March 16, and it was the perfect blend of everything good about rom-coms and the struggles of LGBTQ+ teens in today’s society.

The movie revolves around senior Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) as he falls in love with an anonymous boy from his school over email, while dealing with the typical anxieties of a high school student.

As the movie progresses, Simon is forced into coming out to everyone in his life before he feels he’s ready, and while it’s something no one can be expected to be prepared for, he handles it fantastically, spinning it on its head and using it to his advantage to reach out to the anonymous boy and eventually meet him in person.

This movie is particularly spectacular because it’s an uncommon treasure to those who are able to see themselves in Simon. As of now, movies revolving around LGBTQ+ characters aren’t that common, and movies with a happy ending are even less so. To see a gay teenage character on the big screen is new and exciting, and to see him have a happy ending is something I won’t soon forget.

While the movie did get serious at times as Simon worked through his unfortunate situation, the seriousness never lasted for too long. Each serious scene was followed by a handful of hilarious ones in a way that balanced out the film and made it more enjoyable for its desired teen audience.

Overall, “Love, Simon” was a great adaptation of “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda” by Becky Albertalli, the book on which it was based upon, and retold Albertalli’s story without disregarding it completely, like adaptations tend to do.

Posted: Apr. 11

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