Juniors take on SAT

By Andra Danu, Asst. Section Editor

Juniors had the opportunity to take the SAT exam for free during school hours on March 7.

Although every student took the same exam, each prepared differently and handled the test in different ways.

“I studied my past PSAT results and did practice tests online to prepare,” junior Francesa Reyes said.

When asked about her plans after the exam, Reyes made it clear that she is not taking a break anytime soon.

“I am going to a free SAT review class at BC in April, and then I am going to take the exam again in May,” Reyes said.

Junior Madison Philips was also able to take the exam for the first time.

“I think I was somewhat prepared; I could have practiced on Khan Academy prior to the exam to help me with the material,” Philips said.

She believes that she was able to do better in the reading and writing sections compared to the math sections because her English teacher helped her prepare by supplying specific questions that were related to those on the actual SAT. Because of her preparations, she feels that her overall exam experience was positive.

“I wasn’t too stressed over the SAT since it was my first one and I could take it more times to better my score. I did feel nervous from the little stress I had,” Philips said.

Junior Sergio Prieto was able to take the exam on March 7 and again on the Saturday right afterwards. He prepared for the test  by using Khan Academy and took it even further by “searching up some additional resources online when Khan Academy wasn’t clear in their explanations.”

Prieto believes that the exam is helpful to a certain extent but should not be required.

“A standardized test can only measure so far, so having them required only serves to limit students,” Prieto said. “If the SAT wasn’t worshipped as much as it is, it would be a good indicator, but if it continues to be treated the way it is, some other kind of testing should be designed that isn’t as limiting as the SAT.”

Posted: Apr. 9

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