Cunnen soars as captain

By Sam Rosser, Asst. Section Editor

Q: As the captain, how did you get ready to lead the team each season?

A: I try to make connections with everyone before the season starts.

Q: You mentioned making connections with the players, what has the team done to strengthen those connections?

A: This year everyone on the team was very close. We all talked and got to know each other.

Q: Do the connections you have made with the team help?

A: The chemistry made people want to work and help each other get better on and off the field.

Q: What did you expect out of the season that just ended?

A: I expected to compete with all the teams in our district and make Pompano Beach High School a team people would remember.

Q: What is the team’s best quality?

A: Hard work.

Q: The season is over now, but how did you keep in shape during the previous off season?

A: I played travel soccer, and that helped keep me in shape.

Posted: Apr. 6

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