Coaches floored by rebranded gym

By Emily Powell, Web and Business Editor

The gym is open once again after renovations were initiated by athletic director Jason Frey, who felt the space needed a rebranding.

“The logo that was originally in the center wasn’t even our logo,” Frey said. “It was just a random tornado. So to drum up more excitement for the basketball and volleyball programs, we’ve decided to make it look cleaner and really update it to show us who we are.”

With renovations beginning Dec. 8, life shifted for the staff and students who depended on the gym for games and classes. Coach Judd, who teaches many classes like HOPE and team sports, uses the gym as one of his classrooms. Since the gym was being renovated, he had to hold class in locations other than the gym, making it hard for his students to change out (which is a part of how he grades his class).

“Long-term, it’s a really beautiful gym and it’s in good shape,” Judd said. “Short-term, it was temporarily difficult to manage because the locks were changed and it was a little unwieldy to get in and out, but all in all it was worth it.”

During the renovation, the basketball teams switched their home games to away, and practices had to be held either on the outside courts or at Crystal Lake Middle School.

Renovation finished Feb. 9, one month later than planned.

Posted: Apr. 6

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