SGA members attend state convention


By Alexis Schatten, Asst. Section Editor

15 SGA members attended the Florida Association of Student Councils State Convention at East River High School in Orlando from Feb. 16-18, learning new leadership tactics and ways to get the student body more involved in school events.

“SGA conventions give student leaders a chance to use their voice and share events they do in their community to aid their schools,” sophomore class president Lorraine Angelakos said.

The workshops taught students many different, important lessons about how they can better use the resources they have and allowed students from different schools to discuss projects they’ve done in the past that have been successful.

“[During the swap shop workshop], they assign you to a room with kids from different schools and you discuss your different methods of fundraising and the different things your school does pertaining to the state projects and such,” sophomore Victoria Santa Lucia said.

Because the convention separates students from their peers, it provides a good time to make new friends and connections.

“My favorite part of the convention is meeting other students and being pushed out of my comfort zone,” said Angelakos.

According to Santa Lucia, the convention was an eye-opening experience. She thought the convention in its entirety was inspirational and taught many important lessons that she will carry into the rest of her life.

“I learned that everyone, especially everyone our age, needs to stick together and work together to make our future better, to work for a better life for all of us, because if we all just stand here and hate on each other, we won’t get anywhere,” Santa Lucia said.

Posted: Mar. 7

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