¡Bienvenido a España! Travelers head to Spain

By Julia Latchana, Asst. Color Section Editor

Twenty-three Travelling Tornadoes will be visiting France and Spain from March 21 to 31 to immerse themselves in a new culture.

“I am excited to go to Europe for the first time and see what life there is like,” junior Megan Tirrell said.

These students will be visiting Paris, France; Montpellier, France; Roses, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Cordoba, Spain; and Seville, Spain.

“I’m really excited. I have never been to Europe before, so this is going to be such an amazing and unique experience,” senior Kristiana Kassis said.

The trip cost about $3,000, which covers all expenses aside from money needed for food and souvenirs.

In order to meet the cost, students have been participating in fundraisers, including car washes, Poinsettia sales, PDQ and Chipotle nights, Krispy Kreme Donut sales, and the Multicultural Show and Silent Auction.

To prepare for the trip, Assistant Principal Jill Samaroo had the students bring their luggage, fill it with 10 to 11 textbooks (about 50 pounds), and then told them that they were in Spain and had 10 minutes to catch a train.

“She made us take the bags up the central stairwell to the third floor, down the east stairwell, out around the back of the school to the basketball courts, and back along the east side of the teacher lot so we finished back at the front office,” junior Zachary Tirrell said. “It was a nice way to burn some calories.”

Posted: Mar. 5

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