French lycee exchanges with school

By Alexandra Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout winter and spring, the school will be hosting four different exchange opportunities in conjunction with its French sister school, Lycee Jules Gusede.

  • On Feb. 9 seven French exchange students from LJG will arrive in South Florida to shadow students and explore South Florida. The students will be staying with host families throughout the trip.
  • On March 20, 23 International Traveling Tornadoes will travel to Paris and then to Montpellier to visit LJG for a day before departing on the rest of their spring break trip in Southern France and Spain.
  • Also on March 20, three exchange students from PBHS will depart for Paris, France and then travel south to Montpellier, France to stay for three and a half weeks with host families. The three students will shadow the French students and participate in the International Forum at the end of their visit.
  • On April 9, four additional PBHS students will be going to Montpellier for the International Forum the school will be hosting with representatives from over 30 countries.

While visiting PBHS, the French students will sightsee around South Florida and attend the Multicultural Show held by the International Traveling Tornadoes at 6 p.m. on March 1 in the auditorium. Many of the French exchange students will also be staying with the PBHS students’ families that they will then be hosting in France less than two months later.

“The way the exchange works is (the French student) will be coming here for three weeks and shadowing me for three weeks… and then when I go over (to France) I will stay with his family,” junior Jason Nguyen said.

While in France, students from the three PBHS groups will have the opportunity to shadow an LJG student’s classes, sightsee and spend time with host families.

The International Forum, from April 7 to April 14, is an event at LJG modeled after last year’s International Summit at PBHS.

“When the French ambassador came to (our International Summit), they decided they wanted to replicate what we did, but in France,” Nguyen said. “I’m going to the forum portion of the exchange which is only a week.”

Senior Haley Blatt said that students from the different schools hosted at the forum will do a performance and presentation to represent the cultures from their home countries.

According to Nguyen the Forum and exchange programs facilitate open-mindedness towards other cultures and provide students with connections around the globe.

“I did the International Summit last year and it was so much fun,” Nguyen said. “We were told there would be another one at the school two year later and then the French school announced that they would be doing one…I was like ‘Yes, sign me up!’”

Posted: Feb. 8

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