Cheerleading team remains hopeful after regionals

By Alexis Schatten, Asst. Section Editor

The cheerleading team came in ninth place at regionals on Jan. 26 .

“We didn’t do as well as we should’ve so the placing wasn’t as good as we’re used to,” junior Paris Colbert said. “I would love for the team to have smoother transitions and cleaner stunting. Flyers must trust their bases, and vice versa, in order for the routine to hit without any falls or deductions.”

Team members are confident that they’ll be able to improve upon their routines by their next competition if they work hard.

“We practice six out of seven days of the week with two to four hour practices,” junior Tatiana Johnson said. “Practice doesn’t make perfect but permanent.”

According to sophomore Krystian Thompson, with each practice, the team becomes more in sync, making learning routines easier over time.

“Being a cheerleader has taught me about teamwork and working together,” Thompson said. “As you work with these people everyday, you guys become more than a team. You become like a sisterhood and you see everyone as family.”

Despite the season coming to an end, the team is continuing to work hard to place well in the next season.

Posted: Feb. 1

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