¡Buen viaje! Travelers plan for Spain


By Julia Latchana, Assistant Editor

The destination for the Traveling Tornadoes annual international Spring Break trip has been announced: Spain.

“I have been traveling with this group since I was a freshman,” Vanessa Saintilus said. “It is now senior year; I wouldn’t miss this trip. I enjoy seeing new places, interacting with different people, learning about new cultures and making new friends.”

The school has built a partnership with a school in France, which borders Spain, and also hosted a Spanish exchange teacher, Mr. Garcia, several years ago.

“We look to see what places we have not visited that we have partners with,” assistant principal Jill Samaroo said.

Specific activities will be planned with input from the students.

“We are still working on the itinerary with collaboration with former teacher Mr. Garcia who lives in Spain and our sister school in France,” Samaroo said. “We will be visiting a school in France and possibly a school in Spain. We will be touring the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, along with others along the way.”

The trip will cost about $3,000, which includes all expenses except not money for their lunches and souvenirs. A $300 deposit was due by Oct. 31.

“Going on trips like this makes me more aware of what’s going on in the world,” Saintilus said.


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