Band puts down instruments, picks up ball


By Jordan Brown, Asst. Section Editor

New band teacher Gianni Bolanos desperately needed to build cooperation and a sense of family, especially with a significant influx of freshmen.
So Bolanos came up with an idea: a soccer game to build trust between the students and learn to depend on the weakest link. Making sure to integrate members from percussion, winds and guard, Bolanos divided the band into two teams

“I worked pretty well with my team, considering I was the only girl on the team,” junior Kelly Zhang said.

The goal of the game was to see which team could score the most goals, forcing the members to work together with people they might not usually associate with.

“It was fun, we got a chance to become closer as a group and my team won, so it made it all good,” sophomore Michael Raszka said.

Losing team members also found the experience positive.

“After the fourth loss on our team, we still pushed on even if we were doomed to lose. The game was fun though, we all got a little bit closer as friends,” freshman Isabella Silva said.

Despite the reservations the members initially had, it turned out to be a successful team-building exercise and a nice breather from the rigor that is preparing for competitions and shows.

“We plan to do another team building exercise,” said junior Malik McGowan.

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