Golden Roast set to brew

By Kristina Latchana, Asst. Section editor

Manager James Grandez setting up the Golden Roast

Seniors James Grandez and Nicole Sloss will be managing the Tornado Alley Golden Roast coffee stand, opening Oct. 30, and they’re looking for applicants.

“It will be a good source of revenue for the school and it will add to the business side of our magnet program,” Grandez said.

Once the Golden Roast is up and running it will be open 15 minutes after the start of blocks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8, and close 15 minutes before the end of each period. Students will need a coffee run pass from their teacher in order to make a purchase at the Golden Roast.

Currently, the menu consists of an 8 oz. coffee for $2 and an 8 oz. latte for $3, but as the year goes on there will be adjustments made. They hope to add seasonal, featured flavors like peppermint mocha.

Activities director Ms. Pliske said the Golden Roast is seeking “high energy, charismatic, trustworthy juniors and seniors” since initially, the funds raised will go to those classes.

Posted: October 19

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