Freshman Kassis aims for flag

By Charlotte Hood, Assistant Editor

Freshmen are confronted immediately with immense academic pressures and a competitive environment. Golfer James Kassis has added the pressure of a competitive sport to his early high school experience.

Kassis fell in love with the sport after watching the Masters and President’s Cup last summer. From then on, he began striving to do his best in the sport and reveling in the feeling when it all pays off.

“When you hit the ball and it goes far, and it’s straight, and then you hit another ball and it’s straight and then you get it in the hole…mentally I say ‘yeah!’,” Kassis said.

Kassis is able to manage his schedules for both his academics and sports duties by dedicating any free time (not occupied by practice or class) to finish his work.

“I get all my homework done on Fridays,” Kassis said.For homework during the school week, “I get it done in my study hall and in my research class.”

Kassis has high hopes for his future with golf, wanting to compete in elite competitions where he’d go head to head with the best in the county. He is determined to achieve his goal through blood, sweat and tears. His low nine-hole score this season is 46.

“Hopefully I can make it to the BCAA (Broward County Athletics Association) tournament for Broward County,” Kassis said.

Until then, Kassis is continuing to practice hard and be inspired by his fellow teammates to do his best.

“I look up to them and try to be good just like them,” Kassis said. “Someday I’d like to be just like them.”

Kassis’ teammates respect him as well. He is known for improving the group’s mood.

“He always brings an energy to the team,” junior Thomas Christensen said.

Coach Hammond plans to work with Kassis throughout his high school career and expects his skills to develop greatly.

“James has a lot of raw ability,” Hammond said. “He’s a hard worker and I’m looking for him to improve quite a bit in the next couple years.”

Posted Oct. 19

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