‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ keeps it fun, light

By Alexandra Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

Released on July 7, “Spider-man: Homecoming” was an outrageous success. The movie has made over $700 million which ensured the spot of Spider-man in future Marvel Superhero movies.

The movie was the perfect mix of humor and action keeping the story light and interesting. It began with Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, leaving the rest of the Avengers after the civil war was over as seen in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Parker, a freshman at his Midtown School of Science and Technology in his native New York City, tries to assimilate into the crowd, while working to save his neighborhood as Spider-man at night.

Parker soon becomes bored with handling petty crime around the neighborhood and seeks something more exciting, despite the discouragement of doing so by his mentor Tony Stark. He stumbles on a private operation creating advanced weapons with alien technology and takes it upon himself to halt the operation.

While Parker is dealing with his duties as Spider-man, he also has to deal with his school’s academic decathlon team, which depends on him for its success at a national competition, and a crush on one of his classmates and teammates, Liz.

Director Jon Watts has managed to make “Spider-man: Homecoming” a relatable, funny and entertaining movie that makes you feel good when you watch it. It takes a somewhat juvenile tone that does not take away from the plot, but adds to it since it is about a fifteen-year-old boy.

“Spider-man: Homecoming” is everything it should be and more.

Posted: September 26

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