More should have been done with ‘Dunkirk’

By Alexandra Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

Dubbed the movie of the summer by many movie critics, “Dunkirk” did not live up to the hype.

“Dunkirk,” produced and directed by Christopher Nolan, is a true story about the retreat of British, French, Belgian and Dutch armed forces after being trapped by the Germans on the beaches of Dunkirk, France, in the early summer of 1940.

The film tells three separate stories that eventually converge: Alex and Tommy, English foot soldiers; Collins and Farrier, fighter pilots; and a father, son and friend George who set out on their small boat to aid in the evacuation efforts.

While the cast for this movie was almost unreal on paper, many of the characters I felt were not portrayed as well as they could have been. As a Harry Styles fan, I dread saying this: There was something left to be desired in Styles’ portrayal of the English foot soldier, Alex. Alex was by far the most talkative foot soldier portrayed, but Styles did not reflect the emotion of the character effectively.

With that said, Kenneth Branagh did an exceptional job portraying the captain that led the evacuation from Dunkirk.

Movies portraying wars often give you the feeling that you are immersed in the war while Dunkirk left you feeling as if you were watching from the sidelines.

Much of the movie was lacking emotion other than the terror that the trapped soldiers were facing. The actors needed to portray sadness when people that they cared for died or frustration when their way off the beach was destroyed, even if not by words, which were rarely used in the movie, but by expression. The only sense of other emotion from terror that the movie hinted at was through the score.

Hans Zimmer is a genius and developed an unbelievable score for the movie set around the theme of time through a constant ticking in the background or foreground of the score. The score was not distracting to the movie but added the right amount of suspense, momentum and relief. If the rest of the movie was on par with the score, I would rate it a perfect five stars.

Posted September 26

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