Students should let go of bad memories, hold sentimentality

By Jamie Black, Business Editor

Everyone has something they hold onto that has some very special meaning to them. That thing is near and dear to their heart. Mine is my stuffed animal bear that is so creatively named “Bear.” You might have a blanket or an old toy that you completely adore, but letting go of the right things allows for growth.

When we begin to grow out of our childhood, our rooms become barer. Subconsciously, we are letting go of our childhood, but we still hold onto some things whether they are materialistic or more psychological.

As humans, we like to hold onto things, it gives us a little bit of control, but we can’t control everything. If we hold onto every piece of our childhood memories, can we truly grow?

Letting go allows for a new form of self discovery and ability to change yourself even just a little. Additionally, it alleviates stress or worry from your life.
Realistically, you can hold onto the fact that you failed a math test for the rest of your life, but students at our school, myself included, seem to do this a lot.

Let’s get one thing straight: nobody is perfect and nobody does excellently on every single test they take. I’ve failed a test before and now looking back on it, I can acknowledge that it’s completely fine.

Pressures can be applied from external forces, like parents or teachers, creating a larger stress on a student if they fail a test, but the most important thing isn’t external, it’s internal.

As long as you are happy and aren’t causing any harm to yourself or future, who cares? Thinking like this alleviates the stresses of minor school related things that we typically hold onto so much.

Bad things aren’t worth holding onto. Good, happy memories on the other hand are the correct things to hold onto and are worth prioritizing.

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