In-school SAT great addition to junior year

By Jessica Moschette, Staff Writer

Juniors took a free SAT in school on April 5, the second year in a row of this opportunity thanks to a partnership between the district and the College Board. This is such a great advantage and I think it is amazing that the school is incorporating it into one of the school days so that every student takes the test with no fee and without interfering with time off from school.

In March 2016 a new and improved SAT was introduced. While the old one was graded on a scale of 600-2400, this new one is graded from 400-1600. The new SAT also takes less time but offers an optional writing portion, whereas the old writing portion was mandatory.

If students opt out of the essay, the test is 45 minutes shorter than the old test, but if they choose to write it is five minutes longer. This new test does not have a guessing penalty, which is a huge advantage over the old SAT. It is also available to be taken on a computer or in print.

Normally, to take the SAT, you have to sign up online and pay a fee of $43, or $54.50 with the writing portion. It is also always on Saturdays and at a different school because our school is not normally a testing center. This way, students get the chance to ace the test without even having to pay.

This test is such an important part of getting accepted into college, so it should be taken very seriously. Most universities require a certain score to even be considered for admission and it plays a tremendous part in the decision making. Scholarship opportunities can also arise from what score you earn.

I think it is a great addition and advantage for juniors to be able to take the SAT during the school day at no cost. It should definitely be continued and students should take full advantage of this opportunity.

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