Black history is not leaving

By Nadieda Dazile, Opinion Editor

In case you didn’t know, it’s February…the shortest month of the year…oh, and it’s also Black History Month.

The fact that black people get the shortest month of the year wouldn’t matter if everyone made use of that short time, but we don’t.

Many people, especially washed-up millennials who feel as if they know everything about black history, think that the day and age we live in makes Black History Month unnecessary.

I would agree if our textbooks were not as white as the walls they are held in.

I would also agree if those “educated” millennials could tell me which black inventor helped to develop both the light bulb and the telephone without asking if “Thomas Edison was really black.”

And I won’t even try to place myself upon a pedestal because I didn’t even know who Lewis Latimer was. Latimer and many other demonstrations of black excellence have been buried under a pile of white history and white facts.

In such an open and accepting nation like the United States, why is Black History Month still necessary?

It’s probably because I am my ancestors’ living nightmare.

Dr. King and many others did not take a brutal beating at Selma for history to repeat itself in Ferguson. Between the late 1880s and 1960s about 3,446 black people were lynched, but the cut off doesn’t even count the lynchings that occur daily in the hands of the KKK.

But the KKK and other white supremacist groups are still protected by the law while the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter are considered terror groups.

I don’t even see the point in arguing that Black History Month segregates our society when we are a lot more integrated than we have ever been, even with schools of a majority white and black population.
Until there is zero percent racism, prejudice and injustice toward black people, Black History Month shall remain as it is and forever will be a reminder of our history, whether you are black or white.

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