New changes to the mentoring program

By Jessica Buchanan, News Editor

The mentoring program has had some mixed reviews among the mentors and mentees since the new changes that have been made this school year.

Mentoring sessions have been lengthened to take advantage of the longer periods in the block schedule. In the previous school years, the sessions were 30 minutes long, but this year they are an hour and 45 minutes long.

In order to be more beneficial to the mentees, sophomore Jessica Romer “think[s] the meetings could be slightly shorter.”

Activities that were once done in 30 minutes are now dragged out to fill a time frame more than three times as long.

Ms. Narus, mentoring program advisor, lengthened the time frame because “the feedback last year was there wasn’t enough time.”

Mentors like sophomore Daniel Alexander said he thought “it would be better if we were to play little trust games or bonding games” to fill the time. Alexander said these activities will help the mentees and mentors to “trust each other” more.

Mentoring sessions take away the study hall of those participating, making many students reluctant to go.

Before one of the previous mentoring sessions, junior Pedro Renteria went to go pick up his mentees from their personalization period “and they all groaned.”

The meetings occur every other week rather than monthly like last year.

Sophomore Jason Nguyen feels the meetings occur “way too often” and wants to see more one-on-one time with the mentees for “academic/social advice.”

Another change to the mentoring program is the creation of mentor/mentee small groups. Last year there were individual groups of one mentor to only one or two mentees; however, this year there are three mentors to eight or nine mentees.

Sophomore Addison Nguyen thinks that having so many mentees is great “because it is easier to keep the conversation” amongst the group.

Sophomore Daniel Alexander is “working closely with his fellow mentor” to see what he can do for his mentees.

One of the responsibilities of a mentor is to check on their mentees and ensure they are doing what they need to do in order to succeed.

Sophomore Brinya Kydd knows giving mentees “all the necessary help in whatever they need” is the key to being a successful student.

Posted: Dec. 3

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