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An orange fights ISIS

By Jamie Black, Business Manager

Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump won supporters and Islamophobes over with his stance on Muslims and their entrance into the United States.

Trump’s campaign for presidency began in June 2015, and by December he called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

The statement is bold. Trump’s words were what some Americans already believe, but his words came with Islamophobia and promoted the false mindset that all Muslims are terrorists.

As Trump’s campaign progressed, so did his ideology. On May 9 in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump said, “I think Islam hates us.”

The irony behind that statement is that Islam means peace and it promotes peace. سلام, or peace in Arabic, holds the same root as the word Islam. Whether Trump did or didn’t know the meaning of the word Islam and what it is derived from, the statement is wrong.

After Trump’s (incorrect) statement, on June 13, almost a year after Trump announced his campaign, his statements became more presidential or some would even go as far to say “rational.” “It will be lifted, this ban, when and as a nation we’re in a position to properly and perfectly screen these people coming into our country,” he said.

Days later on June 24, Trump made his policy on the ban less generalized and called for a “suspend immigration from regions linked with terrorism until a proven vetting method is in place.”

Flash forward to Nov. 17, nine days after Trump was elected president, his website reads “suspend, on a temporary basis, immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism.”

This concept is another broad statement on Trump’s behalf in order to frankly cover for himself and be liked more by Americans, which honestly is understable based of the fact that a day before the election only 37.5 percent of people surveyed in a RealClearPolitics poll found Trump to be favorable.

Although Trump’s words don’t seem to be as filled with a flawed ideology at this point, he recently appointed Lt. General Michael Flynn as his national security adviser. Flynn is known for his insulting and Islamophobic opinions, calling Islam a “cancer.”

If Trump does or doesn’t decide to issue a ban on Muslims entering the US, Lt. General Michael Flynn will be in his ear. That on it’s own is more scary than a religion that does not promote terrorism.

Whether you do or don’t believe in Trump’s original or modified Muslim ban, it is apparent that his stance has changed over time and is still problematic.

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