Freshmen, sophomores catch up during study hall

By Blake Thomas, Staff Intern

Jonathan Jimenez, a freshman, has troubles with managing homework,  but his personalization period helps him concentrate while doing homework in peace and quiet.

“The classroom is always quiet so it gives me time to study and get my homework done,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez has his personalization period Block 3, so he is able to do the homework his teachers have given him that day.

“My teachers give a lot of homework, and I want to have free time after school so I try my best to do it all in the time given to me in my personalization,” Jimenez said.

Freshman Kenneth Lanzetta said he was glad to have resources available during study hall.

“I have a lot of resources in my personalization like computers and textbooks, so if i need help I can get a textbook and read about what I’m struggling about,” Lanzetta said.

Lanzetta said he has his personalization later in the day, so he is able to get his homework done.

“My teacher lets our class use our phones,” Lanzetta said. “It really helps because some people can work better if they listen to music.”.

Sophomore Garth Simpson has his personalization in the morning, so he is able to do his homework from last night or the night before.

“In personalization it gives me quiet time in the morning to get ready for the day and finish any homework, and catch up on studying for a test later in the day,” Simpson said.

Simpson’s personalization is in a computer lab, so he is able to use the computers whenever he wants.

“The computers are a great resource for personalization because it lets me check my grades, go on Edmodo, or get access to online textbooks,” Simpson said.

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